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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Cambridge Open Studios 2015 : Sunday 12 July (Weekend 2)

More views of or before Cambridge Film Festival 2015 (3 to 13 September)
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22 July

On 12 July, a day had been planned despite the rain, which was not light at one stage to visit the Cambridge Open Studios displays of three favourite artists...

Anna Pye

And now :

Gina Ferrari

Then (after elderflower at Anna's) a no less welcome invitation from Gina Ferrari (@FanMyFlame) :

Cathy Parker

Later, deliberately to see Cathy Parker’s work (which had been long admired, and often got one’s literal vote, at exhibitions by Cambridge Drawing Society), one ventured out to the church of St Mary the Virgin (?*) at Swaffham Prior : there turned out, still, to be relatively little of Cathy's on display (although there were some unframed works, notably a watercolour, Wicken Fen, Baker’s Fen [UF7]), but one engaged more with it than with that of her fellow exhibitors.

Here are some highlights, described :

* North York Moors [CP2] oil, £290
The view is characterized by ruddy clouds, with water represented, as it recedes, by purples and violets what we feel most clearly in the landscape is the flatness, and the sense of distance

* Wicken Fen, November [CP8] watercolour, £190
The eye is drawn to cherry browns, with yellow touches in the sky, and the blue-grey rendering of the trees that skirt the scene

* North York Moors [CP7] watercolour, £190
In the heavy blackish brown of the foregorund, there is a detail of green, with, in the distance, a wash of cloud, and bluey-purple hills

A good round of visits during Open Studios before needing to make it to Saffron Hall (@SaffronHallSW) to review Neil Brand's (@NeilKBrand's) score for Blackmail (1929), performed by The BBC Symphony Orchestra (@BBCSO), conducted by Timothy Brock


* None of the web-sites seemed, despite the fact that there are two churches in one churchyard, to take sufficient trouble to tell one which is which, so the venue was as Cathy Parker kindly advises** actually the Church of St Cyriac and St Julitta (dedicated, according to the detail of the Wikipedia® web-page, to Saint Quiricus and Saint Julietta)...

** She has also usefully provided images of the three paintings described : for those who like the words on their own first, they have been put in a separate posting...

Unless stated otherwise, all films reviewed were screened at Festival Central (Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge)

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