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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Cambridge Open Studios 2015 : Images kindly supplied by Cathy Parker

More views of or before Cambridge Film Festival 2015 (3 to 13 September)
(Click here to go directly to the Festival web-site)

23 July

In two versions, the paintings described in the companion posting Cambridge Open Studios 2015 : Sunday 12 July (Weekend 2) Happy viewing ! :

Images, speaking for themselves

And / or

Images, with intended characterization underneath

* North York Moors [CP2] oil, £290

The view is characterized by ruddy clouds, with water represented, as it recedes, by purples and violets what we feel most clearly in the landscape is the flatness, and the sense of distance

* Wicken Fen, November [CP8] watercolour, £190

The eye is drawn to cherry browns, with yellow touches in the sky, and the blue-grey rendering of the trees that skirt the scene

* North York Moors [CP7] watercolour, £190

In the heavy blackish brown of the foregorund, there is a detail of green, with, in the distance, a wash of cloud, and bluey-purple hills

Unless stated otherwise, all films reviewed were screened at Festival Central (Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge)

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