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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Escaped lion kills camel at zoo (according to AOL®)

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3 February

Sadly (actually, probably not), the item - whether it is a news report or even some gruesome footage - is spending minutes allegedly loading, so I am none the wiser. However, two questions therefore remain pertinent:

1. If the lion were being regularly fed, what reason would it have to attack another creature?

2. And how would it kill one of such a size that many a passenger needs a leg-up to get onto it?

I shall have a quick look in search of answers...

Well, an ITN report that is available on YouTube informs me that all this was in Indonesia, and that, after cleaning the lion's cage and feeding it, the zoo-keeper failed to lock it. In consequence, two camels were attacked, with one fatality.

But I still don't believe that the lion could have been being fed properly, and this very brief ITN item is all that there seems to be to flesh out (pun intended) what happened and why. Leaving the cage unlocked is not, I think, a sufficient explanation, though necessary to what happened.

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