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Sunday, 10 May 2020

Note of a dream (uncorrected proof) : Max Reinhardt¹, and maybe not Nick Luscombe (?), was part of it

Note of this afternoon's dream : Max Reinhardt¹, but maybe not Nick Luscombe², were part of it

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10 May

Note of this afternoon's dream (uncorrected proof) : Max Reinhardt¹, but maybe not Nick Luscombe², was part of it

The Agent was looking at a metal crown, fitting to it some sort of cake-skirt (and adjusting it to fit), and chatting to @imaxreinhardt¹ about the crown's place in the history of music. (The skirt was largely transparent, but with red designs on it, and, when finally in place, tightened and fastened perfectly.)

It was Max¹ in that way that, in a dream, people are. [Ideally, for the dream's own internal purposes, the other person² with me needed to be <@nickluscombe, but I think that I became aware - even as I wasn't aware whether Max, in the dream, actually resembled him - that he didn't look like Nick (at all).]

Max was busy with something else in an amiable Blue Peter way (at some point, we were definitely 'on air', and the group of three, maybe four², of us tittered at a double entendre that we had managed not to get noticed).

In talking about the crown, the three of us - it was definitely just Max, 'Nick' and The Agent, by then - concluded that the required proof of something to do with it, or its musical connection, was missing.

'Nick' asked if I had read Hidden Proof by Mr Nerd, and apparently wasn't joking. Did we just linger on that question (which I didn't (couldn't ?) answer), and that caused the propitious dream-air to dissipate (Or it just did dissipate ?), since it clearly wasn't Nick after all ?

End-notes :

¹ He of the funky Twitter banner-images, no less.

² One of us had gone somewhere, off set, and didn't return before the dream ended (because I awoke - that got him !).

Unless stated otherwise, all films reviewed were screened at Festival Central (Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge)

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