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Friday, 1 May 2015

The Izzie Poems (Part I*)

This is : A Poem for Izzie I

More views of or before Cambridge Film Festival 2015 (3 to 13 September)
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1 May

A Poem for Izzie I

Sounds, in the air, sound our hearts,
Find out the longing that stays
Silent, the more that we say,
Cramming the air that departs
Our vacant lips

Lips, lips that touch, touch our soul,
Deepen the yearning that knows,
Silent, the way that we go,
Parting the halves of the whole
Within our mind

Mind, in two minds, not to be,
Seeking the loving that binds,
Silent, the ones who are kind,
Healing the wounds on the tree
That living inflicts

© Belston Night Works 2015


* These are the other Parts : Part II, Part III, Part IV, and Part V.

Unless stated otherwise, all films reviewed were screened at Festival Central (Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge)

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