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Thursday, 22 December 2011

From the archive: In a Better World reviewed in a poem

More views of - or after - Cambridge Film Festival 2011
(Click here to go directly to the Festival web-site)

23 December

Christian's Journey

A boy who played with pipe-bombs
Nearly kills his friend -
Christian's the bomber,
Saved by his friend's dad:
Elijah's not in pieces
(Though he thought him dead)
And, on the towering silo,
He need not seek his end.

Returning from his coldness
At his mother's death
(He'd made himself heroic -
His father's sternest judge),
The future is reopened,
The truth can be revealed,
And Christian learns of feelings
That his hate concealed.

21 August 2011

Copyright © Belston Night Works 2011

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